Posted by: xplainblog | January 6, 2010

Welcome to Our Blog

Due to the nature of our work as a technical communications outsourcing company we at X-Plain Ltd (  have been privileged to visit many companies in Israel and hear about what they are doing. This blog was created to share with readers news about the high-tech and bio tech industries in Northern Israel (Netanya and north). Why Northern Israel? Two reasons–First of all because we  are based in the North and are therefore more attuned to what is going on in the North, and second we feel that the North has been somewhat slighted in terms of coverage as compared to Gush Dan . We envision the blog to be a type of newsletter with each entry discussing either a company, a new product, a discussion about a more general topic or an interview. We would be glad to hear from you about your company and/or product or if you have thoughts about a more general topic. You can contact us at

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