Posted by: xplainblog | January 16, 2010

What’s A Black Body? CI Systems—Testing and Simulation

We recently visited CI systems in the Ramat Gabriel industrial park in Migdal Haemek. CI was founded in 1978 and includes an Electro-Optics Test Systems division, a semiconductor division and a subsidiary in the electronic card assembly and inspection industry. Approximately half its sales are in the USA, with the rest in Israel, Europe and the Far East. CI Systems is one of the leading companies in electro-optical testing, measurement and simulation.

What does this mean? Say you have a system for detecting an incoming missile using infrared technology. How do you test whether the system really works? How do you train your crew? Firing off a missile every time you want to run a training session or test the system can get pretty expensive. This is where the simulator comes in. The simulator can simulate a variety of scenarios including varying the temperature, speed and size of the simulated missile.

So what is a blackbody? In the world of physics a blackbody  is a theoretical creation that is an ideal radiator and absorber of energy at all electromagnetic wavelengths. In the world of electro-optical testing and simulation it is a device that is capable of producing  IR radiation at a variety of uniform and highly defined levels.

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