Posted by: xplainblog | January 11, 2010

Helping Paraplegics Walk

Argo Medical Technologies located in the MATAM hi-tech park in Haifa was founded by Amit Gofer, one of the founders of Odin Technologies (Now part of Medtronics), after he was severely injured in a motorcycle accident and now uses a wheelchair.

Argo’s first product is the ReWalk. As you can see in the clip the device is a computer-operated exoskeleton that moves the users legs while they support themselves using crutches.

In its current configuration because the use of crutches is required the device can be used only by individuals who have movement in their upper body.

Argo recently raised $3.1 million dollars in funding and following completion of clinical trials at Sheba hospital in Israel is now performing clinical trials in the USA.


  1. Amazing!
    I couldn’t help think about the movie Avatar I saw yesterday, where a paraplegic first experienced having his legs back…


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